Content creator Nons Miraj becomes a landlady

Content creator Nons Miraj becomes a landlady

Nons Miraj, a prominent Nigerian comedian and brand influencer, has recently opened a new rental property in Lagos.


A few hours after announcing her birthday, she revealed she had just purchased a house on her Instagram page this morning.


She wrote while posting pictures of herself in front of the property;



Nons Miraj had a Botox nose operation a while back to have a more pointed nose.


A non-surgical cosmetic procedure known as a “Botox nose job” involves injecting Botox into the nose to reshape it.

Online people responded to videos that showed the content producer getting surgery to give her a more pointed nose on social media.


The 26-year-old can be seen flinching in the video when the aesthetician uses an injection to make her nostrils smaller and narrower.


Netizens flocked to the comment section after the video went viral to discuss the procedure and query why someone would require a nose job.

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