Cynthia Morgan shares ordeal with Pete Edochie

Cynthia Morgan shares ordeal with Pete Edochie

She claimed that it is forbidden for her to offer an osiba to an Igbo man with a title like Pete Edochie since she is a Benin woman.


The veteran Nollywood actor Pete Edochie and Nigerian singer Cynthia Morgan had a chance encounter in 2016.

Morgan took to her Instagram page to recount an event where she said Pete pushed her to break her custom after a video of Pete joking around with respected Yoruba monarch, the Ooni of Ife, went viral and drew comments.


In contrast to Yoruba tradition, Pete Edochie was shown in the video shaking hands with the Ooni of Ife rather than bowing or doing a prostration.


Pete Edochie’s action was criticized on social media because many people thought it was disrespectful to the king.


In response, Cynthia Morgan praised Pete for upholding Igbo tradition during the conversation but charged him with disobeying other tribes’ customs and values.


Cynthia Morgan shares ordeal with Pete Edochie


She described her own incident from 2016 in Okrika, Port Harcourt, where Pete allegedly forced her to pay him a “osiba,” against her Benin custom, because he was a titled man.


Cynthia Morgan shares ordeal with Pete Edochie


She stated that as a Benin lady, it is forbidden for her to give Pete Edochie, a titled Igbo man, an osiba; yet, she added that he forced her to do it against her will, insulting the Benin custom.


Pete Edochie had respect for his own traditions, and Cynthia Morgan expressed her hope that he would learn to accept the customs of other people.


She wrote, “I like the fact that Pete Edochie’s tradition is being respected today, and I hope he learns to respect other peoples’ traditions too moving forward. For example, that Benin women cannot give a common or titled Igbo man an ‘osiba’ for no just reason. Unlike when he forced me to give him an ‘osiba’ in 2016 in Okrika precisely. Cheers,”

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