Dog Gone (2023 film)

Dog Gone (2023 film)

Stephen Herek directs Dog Gone, a 2023 American biographical drama film. Netflix premiered it on January 13, 2023.
After being rejected by a girl, Fielding, a socially shy college student, decides to adopt a puppy. He adopts a yellow lab puppy from the local pound. He names the puppy Gonker, and the two become inseparable for the remainder of his undergraduate career. Without a leash, he frequently walks the dog to class on campus. When Fielding’s pals graduate from college, they all have jobs, but Fielding has no idea what he wants to do with his life, which concerns his father, John. Fielding and Gonker move in with his parents.

Gonker is diagnosed with Addison’s disease a few weeks later and must receive a life-saving shot every month for the remainder of his life.

A few weeks later, his college best friend pays him a visit, and they are on a hiking trail with Gonker, who wanders off after a fox. When he does not return, they begin seeking for him but are unable to locate him. They run home, terrified, to inform Fielding’s parents that Gonker may be missing.

There are flashbacks to Fielding’s mother Ginny’s childhood dog, Oji, who was ran over while she was at school. Her parents are presented to be cold and unfeeling, and she is encouraged not to make a big deal out of it. She burys her grief and anguish, but it is sparked by Gonker’s death and rises to the surface. She establishes a command center in their home and begins calling local newspapers, animal shelters, and hospitals, as well as distributing leaflets throughout the state. Local and eventually national newspapers cover Gonker’s story, and there are now many people hunting for him. They need to catch him before he runs out of shots in three weeks.



Rob Lowe as John Marshall
Johnny Berchtold as Fielding Marshall
Kimberly Williams-Paisley as Ginny Marshall
Nick Peine as Nate
Savannah Bruffey as Peyton Marshall
Brian Brightman as Ginny’s Dad
Holly Morris as Ginny’s Mom
Soji Arai as Japanese Official
Annabella Didion as Julie
Daniel Annone as Doug

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