Ex Brother Naija star; Cross Okonkwo Apologized to the Labour Party

Ex Brother Naija star; Cross Okonkwo Apologized to the Labour Party

Ex reality TV star of Big Brother Naija star, Cross Okonkwo, has apologied to the Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate Peter Obi and his supporters over his recent disturbing comment.

Cross Okonkwo was lambasted by netizens, over claims that Peter Obi, is being self centered with his presidential ambition.

In a short clip from a political gathering titled “Atiku Youth World Outreach” that surfaced online, the reality TV personality made this statement.

Cross Okonkwo, who happens to be a supporter of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar, questioned in the clip why Peter Obi is being self centered by running for office when he knows he won’t emerge the winner in 2023.

The statement got him several critics, while some tagged the statement as insensitive, others asked why he went for the BBNaija show knowing he will not become a winner.

However, Cross Okonkwo addressed the situation during an Instagram live session, said the video where he made the statement about Peter Obi was incomplete.

According to him, many people got misunderstood, notwithstanding, he is sorry about the statement.

He explained;

“Honestly guys I just want to say I am sorry, a lot of people got misconception about me. I am actually sorry for calling Peter Obi selfish. It was a long video and you know sometimes the media, they decided to cut half of it. It was a long video and I was trying to ask some questions about some certain things but they only cut that part, sorry.”

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