"I am the new Fela" – Portable

“I am the new Fela” – Portable

“I am the new Fela” – Portable.

Portable, a popular musician, explains why he is known as the “new Fela,” claiming to be Nigeria’s biggest music celebrity right now.

The controversial singer recently appeared on comedian Isbae U’s podcast, where he discussed his music and fans’ perceptions of him.

According to Portable, his followers gave him the label of “Newborn Fela” because of his musical prowess, and he agreed with them.

The Zazoo artist also addressed some people’s inaccurate portrayal of him as a growing musician. He felt that he was one of Nigeria’s best musicians.

Portable said

“I didn’t give myself the title, ‘Newborn Fela.’ My fans gave it to me. You know I have a lot of fans, my fans brought me to this point. “Normally, you have to be bold; a lion doesn’t fear to walk alone.”

“Which superstar do you know that is bigger than me in Nigeria? I am the one they are talking about now: a trending musician. My talk is trending, my slangs are trending, my movement is trending, and my dressing is trending.

“Last year, I was upcoming; this year, I am also upcoming. I will be up and coming everyday and coming with new glory every day. Newborn Fela. Every year is my year,” he said.

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