Iyanya shades Oxlade on X

Iyanya shades Oxlade on X

Iyanya, a popular Nigerian musician, took to social media to condemn his junior colleague Oxlade for being a liar after he banned Mohbad, but he also got online to express appreciation to him.

When he resorted to social media to mourn Mohbad’s untimely death, he uploaded a screenshot of a message he sent to him in 2018.

The screenshot, on the other hand, revealed that he had blocked Mohbad from contacting him on Instagram, meaning that Mohbad would not be able to see when he was online or had read his message.

Mohbad’s chat will no longer appear in his chat list as a result of the limited account setting, but he will still be able to search for it when he is ready to respond.

Furthermore, he did not answer to Mohbad’s message in which he appreciated his voice.

Iyanya mocked Oxlade for mistakenly posting a screenshot of how he had restricted Mohbad, reminding him that he had earlier warned him that the fake in him will be exposed for all to see.


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