Kizz Daniel Apologies And Also Explains What Really Happened in Tanzania

Kizz Daniel Apologies And Also Explains What Really Happened in Tanzania

Flyboy Inc. CEO and Nigerian music artist, Kizz Daniel has apologies to his fans and the people of Tanzania over what happened at the weekend in Tanzania and promises a free show.

Kizz Daniel was billed to perform at Summer Amplified show in Tanzania but didn’t because of some circumstances beyond his control.

In an interview the ‘Buga’ crooner open up on the issue.

“I must apologize to my fans. None of these were intentional. I love my job, especially I love performing, I am a great entertainer.”

“I didn’t mean to respect the fans, it wasn’t intentionally at all”.

“I wanted to perform. I came to Tanzania to perform but due to some circumstances beyond my power, we couldn’t make that happen”.

“I apologize once again to the people of Tanzania and I hope you will give me another opportunity to give you a proper and beautiful show”

Kizz Daniel promised to make up for the weekend issue by doing a free show this Friday.

“Regardless of the stories, news and press out there, the show will still go on.”

“We have reached agreement to put up a show this Friday and it is going to be a free show” Kizz Daniel added.

On Monday, news and video of kizz Daniel been arrested flooded social media platforms.

This happened after fans and supporters came to see the Nigerian singer perform but got angry and started vandalizing things at the show venue when Kizz Daniel was no where to be found. This made the organizers of the Summer Amplified Show in Tanzania to involve police in the case.

In a press conference on Tuesday night, Kizz Daniel shared his own side of the story, why he missed the show.

Daniel said that he was contacted back home to come and perform in Tanzania on the 7th.

“I was supposed to be in Uganda on the 6th, so I feel okay well, it will be nice to drop in and say hello to my Tanzania people.”

He said agency told him that the promoter of the Tanzania show had already booked a connecting flight for him to leave Uganda on the 7th of August to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.”

The artist said he left his hotel at about 6:00am for the airport but unfortunately, the airline for Uganda delayed the flight for one hour before they finally left the airport.

Daniel said when he arrived in Nairobi from Kampala, the plane he was supposed to fly in (connecting flight) had already departed.

He then stayed in Nairobi for eight hours and got a connecting flight at 8:30 p.m.
Upon arriving in Dar es Salaam, he said he discovered that some of his belongings had been forgotten.

“The organizers assured me we’d get other equipment. We arrived at the hotel at 9 p.m. and sent my band to the hall to practice.”
“Unfortunately, the band failed because the fans had already entered the venue.”

“I tried contacting the designers here to get clothes. When I decided to leave the venue, I was told it was unsafe already. The fans got angry.”

“We agreed with the organizers that we will apologies to the fans and organize another show.”

“On the second day, news spread and the police followed me to the hotel, not to arrest me but to question me about what happened,” he said.

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