Lizzy Jay cries out over blackmail

Lizzy Jay cries out over blackmail

Adeyela Adebola, popularly known as Lizzy Jay, a Nigerian actress, has turned to social media to relate her experience with a blackmailer who possesses a private film of her.

Lizzy Jay cries out over blackmail 

She disclosed in a 15-minute video that she became extremely unwell a few months ago and was prescribed antibiotics and opiates. She did, however, have a serious adverse reaction to these pills, exhibiting symptoms such as skin irritation, rashes, and bleeding from her private area.

She stated that she had to use WhatsApp to contact her male friend, who happened to be a doctor, and describe her situation. The doctor then asked her to provide a video of the damaged area so that it could be checked.

She claimed that she was first hesitant to share the footage because he was a friend, but she ultimately chose to do so. She used Snapchat to make a video and cropped the area she wanted him to watch.

She sent him this edited video, and he confirmed that her symptoms were actually caused by the medicines, advised her to stop taking them. She subsequently removed the video from her Snapchat account.

She did, however, recently begin receiving comments on her page from someone claiming to be the owner of her secret movies and threatening to reveal them.

She initially dismissed these accusations as bluffs, believing that no one had her intimate content. The blackmailer then escalated the situation by sending her threatening emails.

She revealed that the blackmailer utilized her compromised email address, which also happened to be the same one she used for her Snapchat and other social media accounts before changing it.

She explained that the blackmailer then posted the video on Instagram, attracting her attention. As a result, she took advantage of the opportunity to learn more about him via his Instagram highlights.

Despite the threats, Lizzy Jay remained steadfast in her refusal to meet the blackmailer’s demands. In response, the blackmailer promised to post the video on numerous sites including TikTok.

Lizzy Jay, on the other hand, told the blackmailer flatly that she would not give in to his demands by sending him money. Instead of succumbing to his threats, she would utilize the monies to track him down.


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