Love and Leashes

Love and Leashes

Love and Leashes is a 2022 South Korean romantic comedy film, based on the webtoon Moral Sense by Gyeoul. The film directed by Park Hyun-jin and starring Lee Jun-young, Seohyun and Seo Hyun-woo, depicts a romance between Ji-hoo, who has everything perfect but has secret BDSM desires, and Ji-woo, a competent public relations team member who finds out about his secret. It was released on Netflix on February 11, 2022, to coincide with Valentine’s Day.

Love never hurt so good for two co-workers who enter a contractual relationship as partners in consensual play, pleasure and pain.

Jung Ji-Woo (Seohyun) works for a large corporation. She has feelings for her co-worker Jung Ji-Hoo (Lee Jun-Young), but she hasn’t expressed to him how she feels. One day, Jung Ji-Woo receives a package. The package was intended for her co-worker Jung Ji-Hoo, but the delivery was mixed up due to their similar names. When Jung Ji-Woo opens the package, she sees a dog leash in the box. At that time, Jung Ji-Hoo runs over and tells her that it is his package. The dog leash is intended for S&M use and belongs to Jung Ji-Hoo. He tells Jung Ji-Woo about his S&M fetish and his interest in playing a submissive role. Jung Ji-Woo does not pass judgment on Jung Ji-Hoo, which touches Jung Ji-Hoo. He asks Jung Ji-Woo if she would become his master. Jung Ji-Woo accepts and they promise to have a temporary three month relationship with Jung Ji-Woo becoming his master.




Seohyun as Jung Ji-woo
Lee Jun-young as Jung Ji-hoo

Lee El as Hye Mi, Jung Ji-woo’s best friend, dog pub owner
Seo Hyun-woo as Team Leader Hwang
Kim Han-na as Yuna, Jiwoo’s co-worker
Lee Suk-hyeong as Woo Hyuk, a part-time worker who is obsessed with a dog pub run by Hye Mi.
Kim Bo-ra as Hana, Jung Ji-hoo’s ex-lover
Baek Hyun-joo as Jung Ji-woo’s mother
Ahn Seung-gyun as Lee Han, the youngest employee

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