Mandy Kiss took off Naira Marley’s tattoo from her leg

Mandy Kiss took off Naira Marley’s tattoo from her leg

Mandy Ayomiposi Oluwada, also known as Mandy Kiss, a social media personality turned gospel musician, has removed a big tattoo of Nigerian superstar singer Naira Marley from her leg.

Mandy, who openly referred to herself as the “president of hookers,” rose to prominence on social media in 2021 after getting a tattoo of the singer’s face on her leg.

She quickly rose to prominence on social media, for her inflammatory posts extolling prostitution and boldly declaring herself to be part of it.

However, she surprised her admirers and followers a few months ago when she revealed that she had discovered God and was putting her wild past behind.

She apologized to the young females she had misled with her material in one of her social media posts proclaiming her decision to rebrand and become a better version of herself, while reassuring them that it is possible to be successful without partaking in such activities.

Mandy has decided to remove the popular Naira Marley tattoo from her leg as part of her spiritual recovery journey.

She published a video of herself, at a tattoo parlor, a large flower was placed over Naira’s face tattoo.

This follows her announcement of a move to gospel music and the release of her debut single.

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