NBA barred lady from practicing law over leaked nude photos, weed

NBA barred lady from practicing law over leaked nude photos, weed

Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) purportedly suspends Ifunaya. The young lady was recently called to bar, which she celebrated with her followers. A source claims that she has now been barred from practicing. After her nude and other contentious images of her were leaked online.

Ifunaya Delilah, a young female lawyer called to bar on July 28, 2021, has reportedly been suspended by the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) for misbehavior, according to ENigeria Newspaper.

Ifunaya Delilah was subject to a well publicized action by the Nigerian Bar Association, but recent investigations by the newspaper found that she had only recently been called to bar and had since amassed a number of victories.

Despite the Nigerian Bar Association’s failure to respond to the ENigeria Newspaper’s inquiry regarding its widely reported action against Ifunaya Delilah, the newspaper’s recent investigations revealed that she was admitted to the bar just over a year ago and has since gained notoriety online for posting pictures of herself in wigs and gowns and other semi-naked poses.

Ifunaya Delilah is reportedly a marijuana smoker, and a review of her social media profiles suggests that they are indicative of someone with a high libido.
Many have referred to her as a model who presents her art in a unique way, even though some have questioned her alleged suspension by the body of benchers.

Ifunanya Delilah video is provided below for your viewing as we endeavor to offer more information about the enigmatic character.

In the meantime, Newsone Nigeria reports that the young female lawyer featured in the provocative social media post that celebrated her call to the Nigerian Bar as Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court has issued a disclaimer regarding the viral post. The post celebrated the young lawyer’s call to the Nigerian Bar.

In an explanation sent to, Miss Ifunanya Excel Grant Esq denied making the “Criminal and Stoner” post and accused internet tricksters who took her photos to make a “catfish account” to Trick individuals.

As per her, she isn’t on any social media platform and didn’t make the Viral Facebook post.

“I AM NOT A GANGSTER or a stoner or anything of such”, the statement reads in part.

Miss Grant stated that she is an Instagram Model and not a practicing Lawyer at the moment.


“Good day.

My name is Ifunanya Excel Grant. I came across the article written about me on the website and I will like to make an official DISCLAIMER.

First and foremost the Facebook account where the displayed pictures were gotten from is not run by me. That account is a catfish account.

I am an Instagram model and a lot of scammers steal pictures from my page and create fake accounts pretending to be me just to scam people.

I am not on Facebook or any other social media app. The statement “I Made it! I’m forever proud of myself! A BARRISTER & a STONER, sometimes a gangster. Celebrate with Me” was not written by me.

I AM NOT A GANGSTER or a stoner or anything of such. I was called to bar on the 28th of July, 2021. That was over a year ago.

The pictures of me smoking my Cuban cigar (which is the only thing I smoke) was not a picture to celebrate my call to bar. I am an actress and a model.

I do not practice law at the moment and those pictures are for modeling and acting purposes only.

I will not like anything to taint my career or tarnish my image.


She explained that her pictures with cigars was part of her current work as Instagram Model and Actress and the pictures are for modeling and acting purposes only.

Ifunanya Delilah Instagram: Ifunanya Excel Grant Instagram
But notwithstanding her disclaimer, a look at the Instagram page of Miss Grant @Funaya_, shows that the message in the Viral post has a striking resemblance to the posts on her Instagram page where she post mostly sexually provocative and Sultry Videos and Pictures usually associated with Models.

Even though, Miss Grant disclaimed being a Gangster, in one of her pictures on her page, she addressed herself as “Emotional Gangster”.

Who is Ifunaya Mami Wata? Ifunanya Lawyer photos: See Ifunanya Delilah photos

In another picture posted on December 2021, at the Supreme Court of Nigeria Premises, She addressed herself as the “Baddest Lawyer on Planet Earth”, contrary to her claim of not being in active legal practice.

The Legal Community has continued to discuss whether the viral post attributed to Miss Grant is a breach of the professional Code of Conduct for Legal Practitioners in Nigeria.

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