Nigerian Pastor Accused of sexually abuse as Juliana Olayode makes shocking allegation

Nigerian Pastor Accused of sexually abuse as Juliana Olayode makes shocking allegation

Nigerian Pastor Accused of sexually abuse as Juliana Olayode makes shocking allegation

Nigerian actress, Juliana Olayode popularly known as Toyo baby has accused her former spiritual father and manager, Pastor Timilehin Adigun over sexual abuse.

Juliana become popular following her on “Jenifa’s Diary” – A trending television drama series. On her instagram post on Wednesday morning the actress says in a video that Pastor Timilehin is behind the reason she exited the set of the popular TV drama and also his manipulations and sexually abuse on her sister.

However, the Pastor has quickly replied on his instagram story, saying that he has never sexually abuse anyone and he is ready to prove it in any court or panel.

Juliana who played the role of Toyosi, the best friend to the lead actress, Funke  Akindele suddenly exited the set of “Jenifa’s Diary” few years ago when the series was still very hot and this made people wondered why she left suddenly.

In her video post on Wednesday morning, the actress gave insight to what happen as she has been quiet over the issue all along.


She added that she wouldn’t have mention it if not for what the pastor said in a video he posted on instagram on Tuesday that relate to ‘Jenifa Diary.’

To reply the post, Juliana said that it is just one email pastor Timilehin Adigun sent that mess the whole thing up.

“I don’t know why you mentioned ‘Jenifa’s Diary’, you want people to drag me on the mess you made. You are just wicked honestly. What has Jenifa’s Diary got to do with passwords?” Juliana said.

“You sent email and messed up the whole thing. I said nothing about it, yet people say all sort of things to me then, some are still talking about it till today. You messed things up and I paid for it, who did I tell? I almost go crazy when you started putting blames on me, as it is your habit to blame me for different things, you just never take responsibility for things you do”. She added.

“I had talked to the person that was presenting the day you sent the mail as thought I got amnesia…” she continued.

So far the pastor has not responded to this claim.

Causes of the social media fight between Juliana and pastor Timilehin

Their social media drama started on Tuesday 25th January when Juliana asked her former spiritual father and manager to release the passwords of her social media accounts and also for him to leave her alone.

In her long video she posted earlier, she said that she had gone to the pastor’s church on Sunday after service to request for her password but the pastor ordered security to throw her out.

The pastor also replied her on social media saying that he doesn’t have any of her passwords and he managed Juliana as his own daughter.

He said that he built her Youtube, Instagram and other social media account and started managing her since 2016 when she was removed from Jenifa’s Diary and her passwords are with her.

“I gave you all your passwords, go and check where you kept them’’ he added.

The pastor who went far back to their past, said he made one mistake on January 2021 that he acknowledge and even apologized to her and on instagram.

Later on July, she walked away from him and his wife and even blocked him on all her social media platforms even after she said that she has forgiven him for his mistake.

But to gain her attention back, he went to her Facebook as she is attached to her page to show her that he still have access to her Facebook page with the thought that she will call am and then they will resolve any issue between them, instead Juliana went on social media to accuse him hacking her account.

To reply his post, Juliana says his videos only brings back sad and painful memories.



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