Primeboy denies being involved in Mohbad’s death

Primeboy denies being involved in Mohbad’s death

Primeboy, a childhood friend of deceased musician Mohbad, has refuted rumors that he was involved in the artist’s death.

Primeboy denies being involved in Mohbad's death 

The perpetrator was said to have slain Mohbad by assaulting him during his performance in Ikorodu.

On his Instagram page, the young man disputed the charges and emphasized his close friendship with Mohbad, stating he had no reason to injure him.

As he conveyed his dismay, he implored the public not to disseminate false stories.


He insisted that he did not attack the singer, pointing out that Mohbad‘s wife and others were present during the alleged event.

Primeboy asked with authorities to conduct an extensive investigation to find the facts.

Netizens, on the other hand, were not persuaded by his confessions, as chats reportedly sent by Mohbad’s wife accusing him of threatening and instigating the deceased surfaced online.


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