Regina Daniels rains praises at husband

Regina Daniels rains praises at husband

Regina Daniels, a popular Nollywood actress and rich wife, has confessed that her marriage is sweeter than the swoon-worthy things she uploads online.

Despite the fact that she is constantly the topic of rumors, the actress opted to confront them in an interview with BBC News Pidgin.

Despite the rumors, Regina has maintained that her marriage is much better than the world thinks online.

She also spoke about the Senators’ Wives Association, stating that it had been there for a while but had gained prominence as a result of her particular media appearance.

She said that the organization was formed to support senators in areas where women are underrepresented and to assist the first lady.

In contrary to what people might expect based on online comments and views, Regina claims that her marriage to Ned Nwoko is far sweeter than anyone could anticipate.

She further confessed that she and her husband frequently laugh together as they read these comments.


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