Sandra Iheuwa gave details of her ex-husband’s affair with Nancy Iheme

Sandra Iheuwa gave details of her ex-husband’s affair with Nancy Isime

She claimed that numerous problems were what ultimately caused their marriage to break.

Sandra Iheuwa, a Nigerian businesswoman, has detailed how her former husband, Steve Thompson, had an affair with well-known actress Nancy Iheme both before and after their marriage.


Sandra recently confessed about the affair in an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo.


Sandra’s marriage to Steve failed after only a few months.

Remember how Sandra charged Nancy with having a relationship with her ex-husband in February? Sandra clarified that before their wedding, Steve told her about his previous relationships, including his liaison with Nancy, in order to shed more light on the affair. In an effort to boast about his s3xual antics with the actress, he also showed her his conversation with her.

Sandra claimed that despite having slept with the groom in the past and knowing full well about his romantic involvement with Nancy, she was astonished and nervous when the actress attended their wedding.

As if that weren’t enough, she claimed Nancy posted a lewd comment on a blog post her husband had written about serving her breakfast in bed when they were on their honeymoon. She claims that after complaining to her husband about the remark, the actor was requested to remove it.

Sandra went on to say that she is positive that her husband had extramarital affairs with Nancy after their wedding. She said that during their brief marriage, he had affairs with several different women, Nancy being just one of them.

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