Seun Kuti assaults a police officer

Seun Kuti assaults a police officer

Seun Kuti, a musician from Nigeria also known as Oluseun Anikulapo Kuti, was seen on camera shoving and slapping a police officer during an altercation at the Third Mainland Bridge.


The policeman kept his cool when the musician addressed him, even though it was unclear what sparked the altercation.


In a recent post, the musician revealed on his Instagram story that he had evidence that the police officer had attempted to harm him and his family.


Seun Kuti claims that the man has already expressed regret, and he has opted against filing a complaint.



He wrote;

Seun Kuti assaults a police officer



“He tried to kill me and my family.

I have the proof but I no dey chase clout. He has apologised and I have agreed not to press charges. Make una mind una business make the poor

guy no lose him job.”

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