Timaya finally Opens Up Over Hit-and-Run accusation and arrest

Timaya finally Opens Up Over Hit-and-Run accusation and arrest

Timaya finally Opens Up Over Hit-and-Run accusation and arrest.

Popular Nigerian artiste, Inetimi Timaya Odon popularly known in the entertainment industry as Timaya has responded to the accusation of hit-and-run incident after he was allegedly arrested.

On Thursday 3rd March 2022 it was in the news that the singer has hit the car of a lady in Lekki and instead of resolving the issue amicably, Timaya drove off from the scene without paying for any damages for the harm he has caused.

On his Twitter page on Thursday, the Dem Mama crooner stated that he didn’t have bad intentions towards anybody.

“Me no get no bad mind for nobody,” Timaya tweeted.

This comes shortly after viral videos emerged on Thursday, showing the singer being carted away by men in police uniforms.

In another video, the singer was explaining to the policemen while making gestures to the car parked outside the building.

An Instagram user, identified as Osinubi Omowunmi, had raised the alarm on Wednesday, stating that the victim involved was her sister.

According to sources, the lady during the confrontation hanged on the singer’s car while he drove off. The lady was said to have sustained serious injuries and was hospitalized.

Timaya was reported to have been arrested after the incident whiles the lady receives treatment at the hospital.

mowunmi alleged that the singer hit her sister’s car and when he was confronted, he also hit her(the sister).

She wrote on her Instagram page, @whyte_26, “These celebrities and how they behave. Timaya nearly killed my sister this morning. He hit her with his car and run at Ikate a few hours ago.

“He hit my sister’s car and she came down to ask him to look at what he did. This heartless human was asking for number and she told him he would block her. Instead of @timayatimaya to do the needful, he hit my sister with his car and ran away.

“She is at the hospital right now in serious pain and the funniest part is that I messaged him on Instagram to do the needful, but this wicked fellow blocked me after reading my message.”

Timaya has explained his side of the story saying he never hit and runaway from the lady after the incident. He said after he hit the lady’s car, he had wanted to solve the issue amicably and asked the lady to move out it the road so they can resolve things.

He said that he drove off because he saw four guys approaching his car and for safety reasons, he had to drive off and the lady who was holding onto his car fell off, thus he did not deliberately caused her injuries.

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