Trinity Guy, honours police invitation

Trinity Guy, honours police invitation

Remember that the content producer was invited by the state police command for allegedly sexuaIizing a youngster in a popular sketch video?

Abdullahi Maruf, also known as Trinity Guy, a well-known Ibadan-based comedian, has at last accepted the Oyo state police command’s offer.

The female juvenile was asked to behave as though she had accidentally seen Trinity Guy’s manhood in the film, most likely while he was urinating, and to describe what she had seen. See this.

Trinity Guy was told by the state police command to present himself at their station, according to a tweet from the command’s official account.

Giving an update, the command stated that Trinity Guy arrived at the Oyo State Police Command on Friday, June 23, at precisely 1000 hours.

He was shown in a photograph online waiting to be questioned by the State Criminal Investigation Department’s deputy commissioner at the police command.

“Good Morning Fam! Abdullahi Maruf Adisa AKA Trinity reported at the Oyo State Police Command at exactly 1000hrs today. Recall he was invited yesterday over a video depicting the sexuaIization of a female minor. Updates would follow in sequence, please.

Trinity would be meeting shortly with the Deputy Commissioner of Police, State Criminal Investigation Department for his invitation.” The command wrote on Twitter.


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