Venita reveals why she broke up with Adekunle

Venita reveals why she broke up with Adekunle

Venita and Adekunle, Big Brother Naija ‘All Stars’ lovebirds, appear to have reached a breaking point in their relationship after a significant disagreement yesterday.

Venita, an actress and mother of two, had prepared a romantic meal for two with Adekunle to commemorate their love as the program neared its conclusion, with no guarantee that they would make it to the last week.

On Friday night, September 22, the pair dressed up and went to the garden to have a delicious meal. Things did not go as planned, and they ended up upsetting each other.

When the housemates inquired how it went after dinner, she said, “It sucked ass.”

Angel was prompted to investigate about the reason for the conflict later that night. Adekunle, Venita explained, had been making jokes about her attending his child’s naming ceremony, implying that he didn’t want a future with her. Venita considered his remark weird and was genuinely offended.

Angel consoled the 36-year-old reality TV actress as she sobbed in the restroom over her loss.


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