May Edochie fuels divorce rumours

May Edochie fuels divorce rumours

May Edochie, a Nigerian businesswoman, fanned divorce rumors when she removed her wedding band to attend an event. This was seen on her Instagram post.

Recall that May Edochie allegedly filed for divorce from her husband and sued him and his second wife, Judy Austin, for suspected adultery.

The DPA Family Law Clinic provided an update on the couple’s marital crisis. They also confirmed that Judy and Yul were advised of the lawsuit and received copies of the court documents through email.

May has also requested a court injunction barring Yul from entering their former marital home. The businesswoman expressed concerns about her safety and claimed that the actor’s behavior had become erratic, illogical, confrontational, and increasingly dangerous.

May Edochie fuels divorce rumours

May was recently seen without her wedding band, fueling speculation that she is actually done with the marriage and has filed for divorce.

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