Blaqbonez speaks on marriage and protection

Blaqbonez speaks on marriage and protection

Emeka Akumefule, better known by his stage name Blaqbonez, a Nigerian rapper, has admitted that although he will eventually wed, it won’t be a traditional wedding.


According to the Hip Hop musician, he does not want to be in the same room as his wife out of personal preference.

Blaqbonez speaks on marriage and protection

This was said by Blaqbonez as he was a guest on The Nancy Isime Show, where he also deftly attempted to make his shot. He added that he would not mind working with the actress on such an arrangement if she is amenable to it.


The “Haba” singer insisted that he and his wife would have separate rooms to fit their different personalities.


Blaqbonez went on to say that while he favored a dark room, his wife might have preferred one that was pink. He continued by saying that he has a specific aesthetic in mind for his bathroom and does not want things scattered all over the place.


In order to retain his polygamous nature and avoid upsetting his wife, he stated that having a separate bedroom from his wife helps him to do so.


He said, “I will marry but I will be in a different kind of marriage. I don’t want to be in the same room with my wife. You’ll have your room and I’ll have mine. First aesthetically, what if I’m a batman and I want everywhere dark and batman ish, and you are a barbie princess.


You stay in that room and I stay in this. Also, it helps for my polygamous nature, I can be doing my Ps on the low without disturbing you.”

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